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Our Core Values

  1. GROWTH MINDSET - The belief that your basic qualities and abilities are not innate and unchangeable, but can be cultivated through focused effort creates a passion for learning. This passion for learning is the hallmark of the growth mindset.

  2. DEVELOPMENT FIRST - The belief that collaborative relationships between coaches of all levels, parents, board members, etc allows for information to flow freely and for everyone to do what is right for each players unique
    developmental journey; regardless of status. All players start their journeys at different spots, advance at their own pace, and are supported the entire way by all stake holders in the process equally, collaboratively.

  3. RESPECT - The belief that all players, teammates, coaches, referees, parents, all deserve to be respected and in turn be respectful to others. Whether on the ice, in the arena or in the community we all have a responsibility to treat others as we would like to be treated.

  4. LEADERSHIP/INDEPENDENCE - The belief that everyone is a leader, after all everyone must first learn to lead themselves. Youth sports is where our children develop leadership abilities, independence, responsibility,
    character, accountability, sportsmanship. Equipped with these skills children are able to navigate through their adult years with the tools they need to be successful.

  5. PHYSICAL HEALTH - The belief that all children benefit from making their physical health a priority through the sport of hockey. Learning how to push themselves past their physical limits at a young age creates healthy habits that positively affect them in their adult lives.

  6. FUN/PLAY - When children feel a sense of belonging and are encouraged to navigate challenges in an environment that supports creativity, development, taking chances, and trying new things, they are free to be themselves and ultimately derive enjoyment and true fulfillment from those activities.
Coach Nathan

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