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New to hockey?  Need a hockey canada number to register?  Click here to take the Respect in Sport for Parent Course.

Taken the Course before?  Simply sign back in here and attach the new child in your profile to be assigned a hockey canada number.

I want to volunteer on the ice with my child!  What do I need?  Click here.

I don't have a hockey canada number, I can't register for a course!  Please email the office and we will get you set up with a number.

Just moved to the area?  WELCOME we are happy to have you.  You will need to complete a residential move form in order for your child to be able to register with our association.  The form can be found here and needs to submitted to the NOHA(Northern Ontario Hockey Association) for approval.  Team Snap will not allow you to register until your home association is listed as NBMHA in the Hockey Canada Registry.  The NOHA are the only ones that can change your home association.  Please allow for some time is moving from an association other then the NOHA as they will have to contact and obtain their permission as well to authorize the move.

Request for release/permission to skate form can be found here.



Link to Gamesheet

Our league code for this season: NOHA - Nipissing District Hockey League 2023-2024