The Board of Directors are pleased to announce that programming fees will remain the same for the 2018-2019 season.

We are faced with an ice rental increase of $14 per hour and a rostering increase from Hockey Canada of $6 per registrant (players and coaches).  This will result in an increase of $42,000 year over year.  Due to the strong support of our valued sponsors, the volunteers who have made our Bingos a success, the strong work done by our Tournament Committees for the Early Bird and Challenge Cup, and combined with cost reductions via investments in our operational management we are in a position to absorb these fees with no programming increase for our families.

Investments we have made include:

  • A new automated phone system
  • Scheduling license for timekeepers
  • Jersey program for House League and Rep which reduces maintenance and repair costs
  • This new website

Our investment in Team Snap is significant.  The new rostering tool will save over 100 hours of manual rostering with Hockey Canada and will provide you with a greater experience for this coming season.  We can now customize messaging which will greatly impact our ability to communicate with everyone.

We are also very excited to announce the ability to pay in installments.  This was a feature that has been requested for a number of years.  $200 will be collected at registration and you can then have 4 monthly installments that will be collected automatically.  The installments will be based on your total registration cost, minus the $200 and divided by 4.  New for this season is the transactional cost for registration is being charged separately.  There is a 2.99% and $0.99 fee that  you will see at checkout which is payable to the financial supplier of this service.

Payment options are:

  • Interac Debit (must be debit visa, there is a visa logo and an expiration date on your card)
  • Visa and Mastercard
  • Offline for those who receive 3rd party support ie. Kidsport

New for this year is the addition of a $250 Bingo Deposit that is added to all team budgets.  Deposits must be paid to the office before any travel permits will be issued.  Once a team has completed their Bingo the funds will be returned to the team.  If the team does not complete their Bingo, we will ask for a team to volunteer and they will be given the deposit.

We look forward to another fun and successful season in 2018-2019.  If you wish to help volunteer, or have any questions or comments, please contact anyone from our Board of Directors