Every year is different in U15 and U18 and our coaching surveys from this past year indicate the importance of icing competitive teams.  With that goal in mind, we are asking players to sign up for the team that they intend to try out for.

For example, if you are a U14 or U15 and only intend on playing at the A level, please sign up for U15A.  If you are a U15 wanting to play AA, please sign up for U15AA.  Players that are not successful will automatically flow through to U15A try out, provided you are a member of North Bay Minor Hockey or have a release to do so.

If you are a U14 and your preference is to play U14AA, please sign up for that category.  If you are U14 and wanting to play U15AA (Mixed), please sign up for the U15AA.  Any unsuccessful U14AA players will automatically flow through to U15A try out provided you are a member of North Bay Minor Hockey or have a release to do so.

All U18 players are asked to sign up for the U18 category.

If you wish to play AA you must attend a minimum of one of the first 2 try out skates.

If you are coming from an outside association , please make sure you obtain your release/permission to skate prior to try outs.  Proof of release/permission to skate must be provided prior to the skate in order to participate and you must be registered online.  No exceptions.

Here is the link for registration : Try Out Registration

Please sign up early in the category you wish to try out for.  This will help the coaching committee organize the tryouts.  The preliminary schedule is listed below.  If you are in the U14/U15AA division, you will notice the first two AA try outs are separated by age.  After the first two skates, the coaching committee will decide how to proceed based on the strength of the participants.  AA try outs, be it U14AA, U15AA (Mixed) or both, will continue on August 21st and 22nd.  The decision will be communicated via email on August 20th following the 8pm skate.

All try outs will take place at Memorial Gardens.

Date                                7pm                                   8pm

Fri  Aug 19                     U14AA                                  U15AA

Sat Aug 20                     U14AA                                  U15AA

Sun Aug 21                     U14/U15AA                         U14/U15AA

Mon Aug 22                    U14/U15AA                         U14/U15AA

Tues Aug 23                     U15A                                     U18AA

Wed Aug 24                      U15A                                    U18AA

Thur Aug 25                      U15A                                     U18AA

Fri Aug 26                       U15A                                      U18AA