U10AA Silverstick Regional 2022-23

Published: 5 December 2022

“U10AA Trappers – Finalist at the Silverstick Regional Tournament: The team had an excellent weekend, beating Timmins 8-0, Nickle City 5-3 then falling 4-2 to Sault Ste Marie, the number one ranked team in the province. The trappers then beat Nickle City in the semi-finals 3-1 however came up short (7-1) against the Soo in the finals.
Cali Creary
Cole Roussy
Emmett Clugston
Eric Rothwell
Jack Drouin
Aubre Alkins
Reid Hall
Emmry Chabbert
Kole Ogletree
Sebastian Straus
Cameron Kile
Blake Bechtel
Wes Carter
Owen Marson
Matt Blanchard
Griffin Silverthorn
Tyson Olson
Ryan Drouin
Glen Ogletree – head coach
Justin Brear
Steve Chabbert
Curtis Kile