Prep Phase

Cost of all 4 prep sessions is $65.00.  Prep is not mandatory for try outs.  You are only eligible for prep if you are registered for try outs.


April 16th 6pm PPD

April 20th 745pm PPK

April 23rd 6pm PPD

April 30th 9am PPD


April 16th 7pm PPD

April 19th 745pm PPK

April 23rd 7pm PPD

April 26th 745pm PPK


April 16th 8pm PPD

April 19th 845pm PPK

April 23rd 8pm PPD

April 26th 845pm PPK


Prep is closed as all sessions are full.

Spring Try Outs

For those whose home association is not NBMHA you will require a Permission and Release Form for EACH division you are trying out for.  Player Release and Permission Form . The Freedom of Movement motion will not be confirmed until the 6th of May at the NOHA AGM. All AA from out of NBMHA require a release.

For A try outs, you may register for try outs without a release form but if the motion does not pass you must be prepared to provide a release before stepping on the ice.

Cost of try outs is $60.00, you are guaranteed 3 skates unless you are underaged.

         U10AA                                         U11AA

May 1st 5-6pm PPD                             May 1st 6-7pm PPD

May 3rd 5-6pm PPD                            May 2nd 5-6pm PPD

May 4th 5-6pm PPD                            May 3rd 6-7pm PPD

May 7th 530-630pm MG                      May 4th 6-730pm PPD


May 1st 7pm PPD Last Name A to L

May 1st 8pm PPD Last Name M to Z

May 2nd 6pm PPD Last Name A to L

May 2nd 7pm Last Name M to Z

May 3rd 7pm PPD Last Name A to L

May 3rd 8pm PPD Last Name M to Z

May 4th 730-9pm PPD



May 1st 715pm PPK

May 2nd 8pm PPD

May 3rd 745pm PPK

May 4th 845pm PPK


May 1st 815pm PPK

May 2nd 815pm PPK

May 3rd 845pm PPK

May 4th 630-730pm MG


Please register by April 28th for AA Try Outs in order to make sure that you are on the door list for May 1st.


         U11A                          U13A                            U15A            

May 8th 6pm PP           May 8th 7pm PP          May 8th 8pm PP

May 9th 6pm MG         May 9th 7pm MG         May 9th 8pm MG

May 10th 6pm MG       May 10th 7pm MG       May 10th 8pm MG

May 11th 6pm MG       May 11th 7pm MG        May 11th 8pm MG

These are the correct times for the remainder of the try outs.  All remaining try outs are at Memorial Gardens