Thank You to all the Hockey Dads

Published: 15 June 2018

Dear Dad,

It’s Father’s Day weekend and I wanted to say thank you.

I haven’t been able to properly tell you how much I appreciate you getting me involved in hockey. Every time you helped me put on my equipment and tighten my skates brought me happiness because I knew I’d be stepping out on the ice again. You don’t waver from taking me to my games or on road trips because of the fun I get to have with my teammates and friends.

When my team needed a coach for the season, you didn’t hesitate to step up and volunteer. The countless hours you’ve put into running drills, planning practices and games helped foster my love for the sport and gave me an example of the dedication I will need to be successful in life. You taught me the importance of what it means to be a good teammate and how that means more than just what happens on the ice.

I want to thank you for not getting mad when I put another dent in the garage door from shooting pucks in the driveway and for playing goalie with me when nobody else would. It’s these little things that helped us become closer and bond over hockey. When Alex Ovechkin was hoisting the Stanley Cup last week, I was awake watching it because you let me stay up past my bedtime to see that special moment.

Playing hockey has taught me important life skills that I will carry with me as I grow older. I’ve become more confident in trying new things and I know the importance of being part of a team and community.

Thank you for helping me fall in love with the best game on earth. Happy Father’s Day!