In effort to be as transparent and informative as possible we would like to add the following to our post.
The intent of the upcoming special meeting is to hold a vote with NBMH active members see if there is support to change the official colours to ones similar to the Battalion and Voodoo’s.  There is no intention to change the name of the Trappers.
There will be a phase in period including equipment changes that are all aspects of the colour change (if adopted).  It is the full intention of NBMHA to make this change in a way to minimize any hardship upon our member families.  A special committee will form to undertake a mindful approach to these changes.  As part of this process, if adopted, NBMH will leverage the experiences learned by the NB Lakers when the entire Association transitioned last season from the Ice Boltz.
We look forward to open and constructive discussion at our special meeting.