NOHA Coaching Clinics – 2018-2019

Published: 16 August 2018

The first set of NOHA Coaching Clinics have been finalized and posted on the NOHA website.

Click HERE to register for your clinic.

If you are unsure which clinic to attend, please visit the “What I Need to Coach?” page on the NOHA website HERE

Please note, the following Clinics will be finalized and posted in the next couple weeks:

  • Coach 1 – Intro to Coach Clinic

o   All District’s dates will be released next week.

  • Coach 2 – Coach Level Clinic

o   Wawa Clinic

o   North Bay Clinic

o   Kapuskasing Clinic

o   Hearst Clinic

  • Instructional Stream – Checking Skills 1 Clinic

o   Greater Sudbury Clinic

o   North Bay Clinic

In addition, Instructional Stream Clinics have been scheduled across the NOHA to ensure coaches have an opportunity to renew their Development 1 and High Performance 1 “Certified” statuses.


As of the 2018 NOHA Annual General Meeting, the NOHA Membership has voted that the only Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches that require the Instructional Stream – Checking Skills 1 Clinic are those that coach at a level that has Body Checking.

These levels are:

  • Bantam Representative (AA to D), and AAA
  • Midget Representative (AA to D), and AAA

As a result of this, our numbers in the Checking Clinics will significantly decrease.

Therefore, we will be running four Checking Clinics in total across the NOHA (Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay, and Timmins).

The NOHA will take requests from associations to run additional Checking Clinics, however, they must do the following:

  • The date must work for the NOHA Learning Facilitator
  • There must be a guarantee of 10 participants in the clinic, any fewer will be billed to the association or associations that requested the clinic
  • Supply the ice and hall for the clinic, the amount of time required is:

           o   2.5 Hours in-class

           o   1.5 Hours on-ice

  • Arrange a team to attend the clinic. A Bantam or Midget (AAA to Representative) team is ideal, however, a Peewee AAA or Representative team is fine, they just will not be able to practice the final progression of Checking (actual Body Checking) during the ice session.

Requests can be made to your NOHA Council Director or to the NOHA Office.

The NOHA recommends that coaches take the course prior to this level to ensure that teams are taught the proper four step progression of Checking.

If there are any questions regarding any of this, please contact NOHA Technical Director, Andrew Corradini at [email protected].