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Dear Scott,

I just wanted to extend our thanks to you and the entire staff of the Timbits hockey program!!! 

The last two years have meant so much to our son Caleb and the skills that Caleb has learned have provided him with an excellent foundation going forward.  He is very excited to start playing games and will play pre-novice here in Powassan.

Special thanks to Coach Bob and Moe Bedard.  These two gentlemen have a way with young kids that makes them want to go to the rink every day.  It was a pleasure watching them work knowing that our son and all his friends would be in a safe environment to learn, would be treated fairly and respectfully, while at the same time learning fundamental skills in order to play this great game we love so much.  Not only do the kids learn, but I believe the parents in the stands watching learn something as well about coaching. 

To the staff, thank you for always being willing to lend a hand to our son and being willing to listen to him when he had questions, laughing with him when did something great and being compassionate on those days when he cried because he just didn’t feel like being there.

Finally, Scott and Ginette, what can I say.  You folks run top notch programs right up to the midget Trappers.  You make everyone feel welcome that you come in contact with, your passion for hockey is quite evident as well as your passion for community.  North Bay is lucky to have folks like you.  I have learned a lot from watching you and look forward to passing on what I’ve learned to future hockey teams that I coach. 

Keep up the excellent work ladies and gentlemen and thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

The Sanders family,

Doug, MC, Emily and Caleb


“Coach Bob,

We really appreciate all of the effort you put into this program. Thank you for taking the time to enrich our children’s lives and help them enjoy this sport.

Even though he doesn’t show any natural ability to play hockey, Jacob loves to come out to hockey and looks forward to it during the week. I must tell you that I will admit I look forward to it myself as it has brought the joy back into hockey for me as well. I played hockey in Kingston as a youth and I got out of it at an early age as I hated it due to all of the “hockey mothers” in the stands who would yell and swear at the players then beat on their kids as they left the game afterwards if they weren’t happy, or the men who would fight with each other.

Luckily my parents weren’t like this, but I hated to see it happen to my friends and since I had no natural ability I was often the butt of their parents abuse. I resisted enrolling Jacob in hockey as I didn’t want to see this again, but I have re-caught the hockey joy as a result of your program. I had a fun time buying equipment for him and I enjoy being allowed to come on the ice with him. Even though I still had an old stick and gloves hanging around I needed to get skates and I treated myself to the first pair of new skates I have ever owned that weren’t somebody else’s first. I guess what I am saying is not only have you made a difference in my son’s life, but you have made a difference in mine as well and I look forward to how my next son will enjoy it too next year and we will all have fun together on the ice.

My wife never was taught how to skate, but after our small family outing on Saturday to the park she is thinking she might like to try as well and join us. Volunteers like you make a big difference in the community, but I fear often there is often not enough recognition of your efforts. Pass on our thanks to all of your great team of coaches and volunteers.

Thanks, ~ Mike Pearsall”

November 2013 162
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** Important Notice: Parents are strongly encouraged to attend a parent meeting (players do not need to attend) on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 at 7:00pm upstairs at West Ferris Arena. The meeting is not long but it is important. We will be explaining how the program works and what our expectations are of you.

Most importantly, at this meeting we will also be handing out sweaters and socks and your son/daughter’s team schedule.
The schedule for the 2018 – 2019 season will not be posted on the website until after our parent information meeting. Should you not be able to attend this meeting, please send someone (friend, relative or neighbor) in your absence. Schedules, sweaters & socks will not be handed out prior to the parent meeting. If you or a designate are not able to attend the meeting it will be your responsibility to make arrangements to pick up your son/daughter’s schedule prior to our 1st ice session Wednesday, October 17th, 2018. The window for picking up these items is small as we have grandchildren we like to visit and we may not be here the Thanksgiving weekend. It is not recommended you miss the parent meeting.

If you or a designate are not able to attend the parent information meeting we ask that you contact Scott or Ginette at (705) 472-9751 or email scottginettekile@hotmail.com to make arrangements to come to our home to pick up your son/daughter’s schedule, socks & sweater.

Please do not call until after the October 2nd meeting but before October 17th as this is our first on ice session. We do not bring sweaters, socks or schedules to the arena to hand out as our efforts and focus will be dealing with on ice activities which in the 1st few sessions will require our maximum attention.

Cheers/Coach Scott


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